Honda Accord

1998-1999 of release

Repair and car operation

Honda Chord
+ Honda Accord brand Cars
+ Settings and routine maintenance
+ Engine
+ Systems of cooling, heating
- Power supply system and release
   Sbrasyvaniye of pressure in a power supply system
   Check of serviceability of functioning of the fuel pump, measurement of pressure of fuel
   Check of a condition and replacement of fuel lines
   Removal and installation of the fuel pump
   Check of a condition and sensor replacement
   Removal and installation of a fuel tank
   Cleaning and repair of a fuel tank - general information
   Removal and installation of assembly of an air purifier
   Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of an accelerator
   System of electronic injection of fuel (EFI) - the general information
   Check of serviceability of functioning of system of injection
   Removal and installation of the case of a throttle
   Removal and installation of a regulator of pressure of fuel
   Removal and installation of the fuel highway and fuel injectors
   Release system - the general information
+ engine Electric equipment
+ Engine management
+ gear shifting Box
+ Coupling and power shafts
+ Brake system
+ Suspension bracket and steering
+ Body
+ Onboard electric equipment
+ electric equipment Schemes

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Cleaning and repair of a fuel tank - general information

Performance of any repair of a fuel tank and its jellied mouth should be entrusted to the experts having experience in carrying out such potentially dangerous works.

Remember that even after cleaning and tank washing in it there can be explosive pairs of the fuel, capable to ignite during performance of repair procedures!

The fuel tank removed from the car should be transferred to such place where possibility of its contact from any sort open fire will be completely excluded. Extra care in the address with a fuel tank should be shown in the garages equipped with heating devices, working at natural gas and equipped with a control torch!