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1998-1999 of release

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   Sbrasyvaniye of pressure in a power supply system
   Check of serviceability of functioning of the fuel pump, measurement of pressure of fuel
   Check of a condition and replacement of fuel lines
   Removal and installation of the fuel pump
   Check of a condition and sensor replacement
   Removal and installation of a fuel tank
   Cleaning and repair of a fuel tank - general information
   Removal and installation of assembly of an air purifier
   Removal, installation and adjustment of a cable of an accelerator
   System of electronic injection of fuel (EFI) - the general information
   Check of serviceability of functioning of system of injection
   Removal and installation of the case of a throttle
   Removal and installation of a regulator of pressure of fuel
   Removal and installation of the fuel highway and fuel injectors
   Release system - the general information
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+ gear shifting Box
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Removal and installation of a fuel tank


See preventions at the beginning of pressure Sbrasyvaniye's Section in a power supply system.

Procedure performance considerably becomes simpler, if a fuel tank beforehand to devastate. Some tanks are equipped with a drain stopper, from others fuel should be pumped out, or beforehand to develop it the engine. AT ALL do not suck away fuel a mouth!

1. For the purpose of dumping of superfluous pressure uncover a jellied mouth of a fuel tank.
2. Dump pressure in a power supply system (see. Undressed Sbrasyvaniye pressure in a power supply system).
3. Disconnect a negative wire from the battery.

сли the stereosystem established on the car is equipped with a security code before disconnecting the battery make sure that have the correct combination for audiosystem input in action!

4. At the corresponding complete set of the car turn out a drain stopper and lower the fuel which has remained in a tank in the prepared capacity of suitable volume. If the drain stopper is not provided, pump out fuel by means of a special set which can be got practically in any shop of automobile accessories.

At all do not suck away gasoline a mouth!

5. Disconnect electroconducting from the sensor of fuel consumption and the fuel pump (see. Sections Check of a condition and replacement of fuel lines and Removal and installation of the fuel pump). Also disconnect from the pump fuel hoses (see. Section Check of a condition and replacement of fuel lines).
6. Weaken nuts of fastening of back wheels, поддомкратьте a back of the car and establish it on props. Remove back wheels.
7. Remove the catalytic converter (see. Head Engine management).

8. Turn out fixing bolts and separate from a body a cover of fuel tubes.

9. Mark and disconnect from the metal lines hoses of giving and fuel return, also disconnect from a tank rubber sections of a jellied mouth and ventilating lines.

10. At the corresponding complete set of the car disconnect electroconducting from wheel ABS sensors.
11. Remove a bar of the stabilizer of cross-section stability (see. Head the Suspension bracket and a steering), an arm of a driving cable of the parking brake (see. Head Brake system) and thermofilter of a back suspension bracket.
12. Remove brake mechanisms of back wheels (see. Head Brake system):

a) On models with disk back brake mechanisms disconnect cables of a drive of the parking brake, turn out fixing bolts, remove brake supports and tie up them a wire to suspension bracket elements, - track, that brake lines did not appear are overwound or otherwise deformed;
b) On models with drum-type brake mechanisms of back wheels remove drums and brake boots. It is required to disconnect also brake lines from wheel cylinders from the back party of brake boards. Disconnect from boards driving cables of the parking brake (see. Head Brake system), отболтите boards from stupichny assemblies.

13 Turn out a bolt from the bottom end face of each of shock-absorbers (see. Head Suspension bracket and steering). Get a telezhechny jack under a stretcher of a back suspension bracket and turn out bolts of fastening of the last, - on models with 4-cylinder engines four fixing bolts, on the V6 models - twelve are provided. Lower a stretcher.

14. Prop up a fuel tank a floor jack, - for distribution of loading lay between a head of a jack and the tank bottom a strong wooden bar.

15. Considered models of cars are equipped with system of ventilation of ORVR functioning together with system of catching of fuel evaporations (EVAP). Release collars and disconnect from a tank and its jellied mouth the respective lines. Disconnect hoses from a coal adsorber of EVAP system.

16. Remove the thermofilter.
17. Disconnect both assembly brackets and lower them down, having provided sufficient space for dismantle of a fuel tank.
18. Take a tank from under the car.
19. Installation is made upside-down.